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Cat Costumes for Every Purr-sonality This Halloween

Halloween marks the beginning of a new season when fur-parents all over get to dress up their pets... without needing to explain why. While pet parents can always enjoy lovingly wrapping their furry children in hugs of silly costumes and accessories, it's a bit more acceptable during the Halloween season.

Whether you just want to don your cat in something smashingly cute or you want to make a tribute to your favorite cult classic films (Jaws, anyone?), these fun cat costumes will have you – and everyone else your cat encounters – reaching for the camera.

If you're looking for some inspiration this Meow-lloween, we've got some purr-worthy cat costumes for you.

Be Cat-siderate

Before we dive into the pool of fun, chuckle-inducing cat costumes, a quick note: cats should never be forced into costumes when they show resistance.

While cat costumes are adorable in theory, not all cats want to participate this Halloween (or Thanksgiving, or Christmas, or ever). If your fur baby isn't 100% onboard with dressing up, let her off the hook. She's sure to give you a few cute poses in her birthday suit anyway.

Because your furry friend cannot speak for herself, you'll need to keep an eye on her behavior to make sure she's cool with the costume. If your fluff ball tries to get away, hides, or whips out her claws, it's time to call it quits on dress-up day.

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Tired of your home smelling like you have a cat?


Forcing your kitty to be cute(r) in a costume can cause her serious stress. Halloween and costumes are meant to be fun for everyone! You may discover that your cat loves them, but in the event that she doesn't, a fun Instagram filter will do just fine.

Classic Cat Costumes That Are Spooktacular

Ready to have friends and family oooh and aaah at your kitty's creative costume this year? Check out these awesome options for fierce feline fashion that's perfectly in style this Halloween.

King of the Castle

Give your little prince (or princess) the crown they deserve. We all know who truly rules the kingdom, so this Halloween, let your fur baby look the part that he feels he fills all year 'round.



King Cat
Image courtesy of PetCo


Purr-isian Aristocat

Show off your cat’s worldly sophistication with an adorable beret and even more adorable sweater that just screams sass. If you also want to use this opportunity to drop hints to your family that you'd love a nice trip to Paris as a gift this holiday season, we support that.

Purr-isian Cat
Image courtesy of Ticketybootique

Tom Cat in a Top Hat

No one will be able to resist the allure of your purr-fect little gentleman. With a perfectly popped collar and a bowler hat to die for, he'll be the talk of the town this Halloween and long after.

Cat in the Top Hat
Image courtesy of PamperedWhiskers


Like a dentist dressing up as an orthodontist or a FedEx courier dressing up in UPS brown for Halloween, your fur baby may want to see what it's like on the other side for a night.

Mouse Cat Costume
Image courtesy of PetCo

King of the Jungle

Lion’s manes never go out of style with this simple, yet furr-midable costume. Give your feline friend the opportunity to look like the beast he feels he is inside. Careful though... he may not want to take it off after October 31st passes.

Lion Cat Mane
Image courtesy of Amazon

Cool Cat

Sometimes the cutest costume is the one that makes him more like the human he thinks he is. Throw on this hip shirt and take him anywhere. Bonus points if you sport a matching look!

Cool Cat Costume
Image courtesy of bajukucingtangerang

Little Maid

Why not switch roles for the day and make your cat clean up after you for once? After all, she's already carrying around a lovely feather duster to do the job.

Maid Cat Costume
Image courtesy of bajukucingtangerang


Everyone loves a good taco. Not that you need another reason to love your fur baby even more but... common... how can you resist a perfectly topped taco?

Taco Cat Costumes
Image courtesy of

Make Your Own Unique Cat Costume

If these whimsical costumes aren’t just purr-fect for your cat, you can make your own costume that matches her personality to a 't.' Give these DIY costume ideas a try. Your fur-kid (and the internet) are sure to love them.

  • Little Purr-maid – Give your kitten a different kind of tail and a chance to be part of your world. All you need is some yarn and some time.
  • Sleepy Kitty – We’re sure Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory would appreciate seeing your cat in its paw-jamas. Have some extra silly material lying around or an old blanket your human child no longer uses? Stitch them together for a fun and adorable sleepy kitty costume.
  • A Purr-ty Flower– If your cat wears a collar, she may embrace this homemade flower costume quite nicely.

Are you dressing your kitty up for Halloween? If so, we’d love to see her in the holiday spirit! Post your cute cat pics on Instagram and tag us @PrettyLitter.


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