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4 Things to Know About Himalayan Cats

You probably came upon this article looking for more information regarding Himalayan cats. Maybe you are curious to learn more about their origin, characteristics, or suitability as a pet. Perhaps you are wondering what litter works best for their cat litter box. The following will cover everything you need to know about this beautiful breed.

Himalayan Cat Origin

The Himalayan breed came about with the crossbreeding of Siamese and Persian cats. The goal at this time was to develop a breed that had the color point of a Siamese with the long hair of a Persian. The Himalayan was first recognized as a breed in 1957 by The Cat Fanciers Association. The breed was then reclassified in 1984 as a color variety of the Persian breed by the board of directors of The Cat Fanciers Association.

Himalayan Physical Characteristics


The Himalayan has a beautiful long coat that is seen in a variety of colors. Commonly you will see a cream-colored body with a darker face. The body of this breed is stocky, with short, thin legs that accompany a broad chest and shoulders. Other common physical characteristics include a stubby nose, large round eyes, and small ears.

With a long-haired cat, regular maintenance of their coat is essential. Daily grooming and a monthly bathing will help to prevent mats in their fur. As with any long-haired breed, they are also known to get litter in their fur. Be sure to keep an eye on their litter box and their coat to ensure that they are not collecting any debris that will lead to health and coat issues.

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Breed Temperament

With a sweet and calm personality, the Himalayan cat is fond of people and is often known as a great lap cat. Not known to be a jumper or climber, the Himalayan is often seen lounging when they’re not playing with their toys or enjoying human affection. For those with children, the Himalayan cat may be perfect for your family, as this breed is known to be great with kids!

Special Considerations

As with any breed of cat, the Himalayan can be prone to certain health issues. The main points of concern for this feline entail their eyes, breathing, teeth, kidneys, and nervous system. With their long coat comes the possibility for this breed to become overheated in warmer months. Be sure to keep your Himalayan cool with fresh cold water and an air-conditioned environment during the warmer months.

This breed is also known for their predisposition to polycystic kidney disease and feline hyperesthesia syndrome, which is a nervous disorder. It is important to maintain your feline’s health with regular exams by your veterinarian. As with any feline, routine nail and dental care will help to ensure your cat’s longtime good health.

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You should now have a better understanding of the Himalayan breed’s origin, physical characteristics, and overall unique needs. With proper attention and care, this amazing breed has the potential to become a wonderful addition to any home. Do you have a personal experience with this breed? If so, we would love to hear about it! Comment below and share your adoration for this lovable feline!


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