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How to Choose Cat Litter

Deciding Between Different Types of Cat Litter

Your kitty is cute, cuddly, and clean — most of the time. As a cat owner, you know that even the most adorable feline needs to handle her business now and then. After all, it’s your responsibility to clean up the cat’s litter when she’s done. That can stink (literally!), but finding the right litter and getting familiar with cat litter box tips and tricks can make a better experience for both you and your cat. 

One of the first things you should look at when picking between different cat litter products is the ingredients. Cat litters are composed of several different materials, and each has pros and cons. The weight and environmental impact of a litter may matter to you. Your feline friend will care more about texture.

There are other factors to consider, too. Should you buy clumping ornon clumping cat litter? Scented or unscented?Some cats are super picky about their commode material, so making the right choice can mean the difference between scoopable cat litter and scrubbing the carpet. Understanding your options can save you time, money, and sanity (Oh, and your cat will be happy, too).

Here are some things to pay special attention to when choosing a litter for your cat and understanding what your cat litter is made of. 

Find The Right Ingredients

Today, cat litter made from clay is a popular choice. It comes in two forms: clumping and non-clumping. As the name suggests, cat litter clumping forms when liquid hits it. Alternately, non-clumping litter absorbs liquid without clumping. Many clay cat litter formulas also contain silica, which helps with odor control. 

Many cats are comfortable clawing through clay granules to hide their waste. However, some clay litters can be very heavy. Others are full of dust, which is messy and increases the risk of cat asthma. You'll be constantly refilling the litter box and sending a large portion of your clay litter to the landfill each month, too. 

Natural cat litters are also available. These different types of cat litter are made from materials such as corn, wheat, wood pellets, and even grass. 

Though they may be better for the environment and weigh less than other types of litter, all-natural cat litter tends to have more dust and be a bit messier. Plus, there's not much that sawdust and grass can do for the odor Fluffy leaves behind.

PrettyLitter Falling


If you’re looking for a lightweight, dust free cat litter or looking to keep litter in the litter box, give silica gel crystals a try. Silica litters are made of sodium silicate sand containing oxygen and water. They’re extremely absorbent and effectively control odor without emitting a scent.

PrettyLitter is a hassle-free cat litter subscription that’s the perfect choice. Its silica microcrystals do such a great job evaporating moisture that one bag can last an entire month. 

It might take a few tries before you figure out what type of litter your kitty likes best. Don’t be afraid to test a few different options. You might think your cat loves her clay litter, but has she experienced the luxury of silica crystals on her little paws? Just make sure to transition out the litter gradually by mixing the new litter into the old litter a little bit at a time.


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Think Twice About Scented Litter 

Just like people, cats want to be comfortable while they're doing their business. Choosing a litter box such as the size and placement of your cat's litter box play a big role in this. A litter’s scent (or lack thereof) is also very important. 

Scented litters help to mask unpleasant odors, but sometimes they're too strong for your cat's sensitive nose and they develop an allergic reaction to cat litter. They can also cause breathing problems like feline asthma. Plus, if your kitty doesn't like the scent of her litter, she'll avoid it at all costs. This often means she'll stop using her litter box entirely. 

Rather than focusing on the scent of a litter, find one that is great at controlling odors. Many cat litters are unscented but do control odors well. Different types of cat litter with or without scents can greatly affect your kitty's bathroom experience. 

Your Cat's Health and Happiness

Some litters go beyond basics and can help you monitor your kitty's health. Your cat's well-being and happiness are a top priority and, here at PrettyLitter, we understand that more than anyone.

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Cats are known for hiding their symptoms, so it can be hard to tell if your kitty isn’t feeling well. PrettyLitter helps monitor your cats' health by changing color to indicate the acidity and alkalinity levels of her urine. This allows you to get your kitty the care she needs as soon as possible. 

You have many different types of cat litter to choose from. 

PrettyLitter is a feline-friendly option. It’s virtually a dust-free litter so your kitty can breathe easy while doing her business. It’s also made of natural minerals and poses no danger to your cat if she accidentally ingests some. 

We know how important your cat’s health is to you, which is why we created this incredible, health-monitoring formula. PrettyLitter uses the highest quality control standards to ensure that your cat’s litter is the absolute best for both you and your precious cat.

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