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4 Things to Know About Korat Cats


If you’re reading this you may be in search of the best cat litter for your Korat cat, or you may be curious as to what makes the Korat breed unique. Whether you already own one of these beautiful cats, or whether you are considering one as an addition to your household; the Korat breed has its own unique history and characteristics that make them special. Read on to learn more about this amazing animal!

Korat Breed History

Native to Thailand, the Korat breed has a history of origin going back hundreds of years. This breed was first mentioned in a cat book of poems dating back to the year 1350, where the Korat was mentioned as one of seventeen lucky breeds of cat. Folklore tells of the good luck found in Korats with a kink in their tail. If you have one of these cats, you may be in for some luck! First brought to the United States in 1959 from Thailand, this breed quickly became popular for its silver-blue color and human characteristics.

Physical Characteristics

Korat Cat Sitting

As previously mentioned, the Korat breed is known for its silver-blue coat. In addition, the Korat has beautiful big eyes that can be found in either an amber or green hue. Other notable physical features include a heart shaped head and a medium sized tail that is rounded at the end. To own one of these cats is truly unique, as this breed is never used for crossbreeding, so the Korat is truly one of a kind!

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Korat Temperament

The Korat is known for it’s affectionate and dominant nature. This cat craves attention and will require an owner that can dedicate the time for attention that they warrant. Not wanting to be alone for long periods of time, the Korat is notably a curious breed that likes to be engaged in whatever their owner is doing. While not as vocal as some other breeds, the Korat will still let you know vocally or with body language if it needs attention. Prospective owners should take this into consideration when looking at what cat breed may fit in with their family.

Special Considerations

Korat Cat Face

In addition to the need for attention and affection, the Korat breed has special considerations for their overall health and well-being. Being an actively engaged breed, you will want to ensure plenty of toys and playtime to keep them happy and active. It is recommended that the Korat be kept indoors to prevent disease and dangers found outdoors. Your vet can also be a great source of knowledge when it comes to special needs this breed may require.

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 After reading this article you should have a better understanding of the Korat breed’s origin, characteristics, and overall unique needs. This is an amazing breed that has the potential to become a wonderful addition to any home. If you have a personal experience with the Korat, we would love to hear about it! Comment below and share your love for this beautiful furry companion!


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