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5 Innovative Products to Pamper Your Cat (and Yourself)

You’re always on the hunt for cool things to buy for your cat, right? Right. Us too!

But, like all cat parents, we know the pains of disappointment when our precious gift arrives, we present it to our cat, and the little guy goes straight for the Amazon box it came in.

To solve our heartache, we tracked down 5 innovative products that are guaranteed to make your cat happy and have the added bonus of making your life easier.

The Kitty Tube

kitty tube

The big dilemma… Do you let your cat go outside and brave the dangers and excitement of the world or keep her safe and sound inside? It’s a problem every cat lover faces, especially when you see how eager your cat is to roam the outdoors as she stares out the window watching the birds fly away.

If you’ve decided to let your cat put on her big girl booties and head outside, you may want to consider investing in the Kitty Tube.

The Kitty Tube is an insulated cat house that offers your cat a nice, safe hideaway when she’s outdoors. Especially on days when you leave your cat home alone and she wanders outdoors, the Kitty Tube protects her from the weather, predators, and discomfort.

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In fact, your cat will feel like a queen inside the Kitty Tube. It comes with a custom pet pillow, durable awnings, and a removable clear flap door to keep dust and other critters out. And yes, the pillow is machine washable.

While you may still wonder what your gorgeous girl is up to outside, you can heave a sigh of relief knowing she has her very own luxurious bunker to protect her.

Cat Zoom Groom Brush

zoom groom brush

Does your cat have a love-hate relationship with grooming? Ours, too. That’s why we love the Cat Zoom Groom Brush.

Most pet brushes have rigid, mean-looking bristles that can irritate your cat’s skin. While she may put up with the groom session for a few strokes, you’re likely to get a claw to the hand sooner or later. The bristles on the Cat Zoom Groom Brush, on the other hand, are flexible and soft.

The Cat Zoom Groom Brush is made by Kong, one of the most trusted brands in pet pampering. Though it may look like a toy from a Happy Meal, it attracts hair like your favorite blouse and holds on tight.

Better still is the Cat Zoom Groom Brush’s ability to stimulate capillaries in your cat’s skin to promote healthy oil production for a soft, supple coat.

No more frustration over clouds of cat hair during grooming time for you, and no more sore skin from traditional brushes for your cat. Win, win.


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Well, of course! We love PrettyLitter, not just because it’s our own (dare we say, brilliant) invention, but because we’ve seen 
hundreds of cases where PrettyLitter has saved a cat’s life.

Cats are notorious for hiding their ailments. While dogs will whimper, limp, or just look sad with their big droopy eyes, cats try to hang tough and fight through the pain. As one PrettyLitter customer put it, “Your litter was the ONLY thing that alerted me that anything was wrong. Thankfully it was caught early enough.”

PrettyLitter’s life-saving abilities are the main reason we love it, but we also love the fact that you only need one bag per month, it’s lighter than nearly all leading brands, and it’s safe for anyone to use - even pregnant women.

Plus, when it comes to choosing the right box, PrettyLitter is litter-box-agnostic. However, we do have a favorite that recently emerged onto the poop-scooping market...

PetsN’All Cat Litter Mat

cat litter mat


You love your cat, your cuddle sessions, even the adorable way she grooms her paws. But we bet you don’t love stepping on those tiny granules of kitty litter. Enter, the PetsN’All Cat Litter Mat.

Stop chasing your cat around with the hand vacuum. Stop wearing wool socks in the summer just to avoid that gritty feeling under foot. Now your cat’s litter tracking won’t get farther than the doormat under the litter box.

While your cat’s adorable paws may seem perfectly designed for carrying around grains of litter, the PetsN’All Cat Litter Mat traps any rouge grains as soon as your cat steps out of the box. Then, whenever you get around to it, vacuum the mat or shake it out outside.

No more litter toe.

Cat Catch

laser pointer

Our final cool thing to buy for your cat is more of a luxury for pet parents than for cats. The Cat Catch LED laser pointer lets you play with your cat (and give her some much needed exercise) without you having to suffer from numb thumb - that awful feeling you get when you’ve been holding down the laser pointer button for more than 90 seconds.

The Cat Catch LED laser pointer is the king of interactive cat toys. It has five buttons cutely configured in the shape of a cat’s paw. When you press any of them once, you get a blinking laser beam that will have your cat dancing. When you press a button twice, you get a steady laser beam that stays on - no painful pressing required. Press a button three times and the light turns off.

Coming in at less than $9 on Amazon, this laser pointer will rid you of your fear of numb thumb and guarantee that you and your cat can enjoy plenty of long play sessions.

What’s your favorite innovative cat product?




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