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8 Reasons Why Black Cats Make Great Pets

There's definitely a superstition related to the black cat. Some people think they're bad luck if they cross your path. Others simply think they're the perfect pet of a witch or warlock. However, in reality, black cats are simply awesome, friendly animals that make great pets for anyone who wants a furry friend. Black cats are actually known to bring good luck to people in some countries, and the captivating beauty of their black coat is something we should cherish. If you want to know why you should consider getting a black cat if you're thinking of getting a pet, check out our blog post below on why black cats are great pets below.

1.They're Great Survivalists

Black cats have been around for centuries, dating back to the Middle Ages when they were associated with witchcraft and bad luck. However, the black coat of a black cat happened evolutionarily, and it makes them great a surviving in the world. Not only can black cats camouflage better in the dark, and in turn, avoid predators, they have also been shown to be more disease-resistant than other cats, meaning they're less likely to get sick.

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2.People Will Leave them Alone

Let's face it: a lot of people are still scared of black cats, or the thought of adopting one as a pet has never crossed their minds. This means that there's less of a chance that anyone would ever scoop your cat up to keep as their own. Cats who wander away from home can be taken in people who find them; however, a black cat may not be as warmly welcomed as a cat of another color. 

3.You Can Get them From Shelters

iIf you're ready to bring a chunk of good fortune back home, you can easily go to a shelter and find a black cat to adopt. Adopting doesn't only help save the life of an animal, it's also a more affordable way for your to get a pet, especially if you don't want to spend  too much money on your new furry friend. Black cats are very common in animal shelters, which almost is an issue as some of these cats will get euthanized if they aren't adopted by anyone in time. If you care about saving the precious lives of these felines, you should consider taking yourself to a nearby shelter to find the perfect match for you. 

4.They're Great for Halloween Enthusiasts

Are you into throwing Halloween parties? Or, do you like to host your own haunted houses? Having a black cat can make the experience even better, cause you can get your little feline in on the fun. Get a black cat as a pet, and you can enhance your overall Halloween experience, as well as that of your guests. Have him walk across people's paths to spook them, or dress him up and carry him around as your witchy sidekick.

Black Kittens

5.Black Cats ChangeColor 

Black cats surprisingly change color when they are exposed to UV light. When the sun penetrates their black fur, it changes into a rusty color that washes out the darkness for a while. However, once they shed and are replaced with new fur, the black coat restores on their bodies. You can see that black cats are more fascinating and interesting than they seem; after all, looks aren't everything. 

6. They Have Their Own Day of Celebration 

August 17 is National Black Cat Appreciation Day. How cool is that? Imagine having a pet that has its own national holiday designated for them. This holiday was created in hopes of dispelling the misconceptions and myths about black cats and in turn, encouraging the adoption of these felines. 

7. Black Cats Come in Almost Any Breed

Whether it's the American Shorthair, the British Shorthair, or the Cornish Rex, black cats exist among almost all cat breeds, so it's very easy to find one as well as a range of options to choose from. The American Shorthair black cat is one of the most popular cat breeds for pet owners in the US. The British Shorthair is known for its easy-going and amicable personality, so many people are able to raise them alongside a number of other pets like dogs or rabbits. 

Black Kitten

8.They're Beautiful

Despite people's association with the color of their fur, black cats are actually extremely beautiful. Their bright eyes usually contrast with their fur, making them particularly striking and gorgeous animals to have around the house. If you are looking to get a pet that is very photogenic and beautiful to look at around your home, then the black cat is an excellent, eye-catching choice.

If you're considering getting a cat as a pet, you may not have thought about getting a black cat. After all, they get a pretty bad rap. However, in reality, black cats are outstanding options for a pet, and they're easy to find and adopt from shelters all around the world.

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