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5 Things to Look for When Shopping for Cat-Friendly Furniture

We know just how much people love their cats, but we also know that caring for them at home isn’t always smooth sailing. While cats are independent, they can also be mischievous.
Young cats love to scratch and play, and they don’t always make it to their cat litter. As a result, household furniture often takes a battering. We’ve cobbled together some top tips for buying cat-friendly furniture — to save you money and keep your home looking its best.

1. Cat-Friendly Fabric

Believe it or not, some furniture fabrics are better suited to homes with cats. Playing, clawing, fur-loss and little accidents can all take their toll on chairs and couches, so it’s best to choose items that feature tougher fabric weaves.
Furniture covered with microfiber fabrics tend to be both durable and relatively easy to clean. Opt for stain-resistant materials wherever possible.
Leather and the various synthetic alternatives are easy to clean after accidents, but they won’t stand up to nicks and scratches from little paws. Crypton, however, is a patented fabric treatment that guards against stains and restricts the growth of bacteria — perfect for your little pride and joy.

2. An Appropriate Color

Cat Sleeping on Couch
Despite all your best efforts, your cat will always have little accidents. Not only that, dirty paws are one of the facts of life all cat-owners have to contend with, and if all that’s enough, dropped fur can be more noticeable against certain color schemes.
Think about all these issues when you’re choosing the color of your furniture. How prominent will stains and fur be on the items you’re looking at? Buying patterned chairs and couches is often a good way of masking such issues.

3. No Sharp Edges

Cats love to play and explore, and at times, they can be a little clumsy. This means that the furniture in your home can become dangerous if you don’t choose it wisely. Look for items with rounded or padded edges and corners. Of course, there will be times when an item of furniture poses a risk. Make sure you position these items in a way that minimizes the chances of nasty accidents.

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4. Nothing with Wooden Legs

Cats are instinctive creatures. Many of the instincts that help them to survive in the wild are present in domesticated cats today. One such instinct is claw sharpening. Cats love to dig their tiny talons into wooden chair and table legs. They do this to keep them sharp, but also to keep them clean and free from infection.

If your cat doesn’t have a dedicated scratching post in the house, your furniture will be as an attractive alternative. Your cat may view your furniture as an attractive sharpening tool if there isn't a scratching post in your home. Buy one, and place it near your cat's bed.

It’s not just legs that are at risk, though. Any type of wooden furniture is a potential sharpening tool in the eyes of a cat. Think about where you’ll position these items when they’re in your home. Hide or obscure wooden elements where possible, and ask yourself: Is there a way of restricting access to wooden furniture?

5. Robust and Affordable

Cat with Tiny Furniture
Cats can be inquisitive and precocious, particularly when they’re young. They’re going to play on your furniture, and they’re going to cause a degree of damage. You’ll simply need to get over it. Don’t buy dainty or fragile furniture that won’t stand up to the test, and don’t spend a small fortune, otherwise, you’ll always worry about damage and breakages.
Cats can be hard on household furniture. Make your life easier by choosing the right items made with the most appropriate materials. Take time to select chairs, couches and everyday furniture that are conducive to life with cats, and you’ll save yourself a lot of stress and worry.
What is your favorite cat friendly piece of furniture? Let us know in the comments!


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