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5 Ways to Love and Appreciate Your Cat on National Hug Your Cat Day!

Alright everyone, it's national hug your cat day. So get cozy, grab a treat, and learn of all the ways you can appreciate your cat on National Hug Your Cat Day! And remember, not all cats are down for a full on hug, so know your cat's limits before pouring on the love.

#1 A Boop Upon The Nose

Switch things up. Your cat is expecting a head scratch, chin scratch, maybe even a belly rub. But what they're not expecting is a soft but firm boop on the nose. When your cat stares at you with confusion after, reassure them that everything is fine, and thank them for letting you love on them! 

#2 A Firm Paw Shake

Some of us know what it’s like to be rejected by your cat (Not a great feeling!). Cats are delicate and complex creatures, and depending on their mood, they may not be up for a hug right away. If you’ve got a sassy cat who meows at you the moment it hits 6:01PM and they can’t hear a fresh can of cat food being peeled open, worry not. Try this: grab a treat, gently place it by their paw, and once they’ve snacked and are feeling the love, gently give their paw a firm but soft shake. Maybe even exchange, a “pleasure doing business with you”. This will be sure to win them over, and will leave your cat feeling a sense of accomplishment and affection. Plus, who doesn’t love a secret intricate handshake between pals?  

#3 Stare Out The Window Longingly Together

Let’s be honest, we’re probably doing this anyway. So grab a snack for you and your kitty, turn up some lo-fi beats to chill/relax to, and get to bird watching. There are a few reasons our cats are always staring out the windows, and one of them is because it’s calming as heck. Seriously, do this for like 20 minutes. You both deserve it!

#4 Get Into a Friendly Philosophical Debate With Your Cat

Sometimes “spacing out” means we’re deep into profound thoughts. Your cat is probably doing the same, just ask them! Why do cats have 9 lives–is it because it’s the magic number? And what did youreally think about “Cats!”? Your cat looks up to you, and will probably really appreciate the fact that you’re taking the time to express your deepest most inner thoughts to them. Remember, no matter how intense that debate gets, hug it out (another treat will also suffice). 

#5 The Burrito Method (AKA The Purr-ito Method)

If you haven’t already done this, go ahead and do yourself a favor and try this now. Just be ready to achieve maximum levels of cute, warmth, and love. When your cat is minding their own business, snuggled up in their favorite corner of the house, plop a blanket on top of them and tuck them in like a burrito with their little kitten head popping outside. (PS, take a photo, share on instagram with #prettylitterhugs so we can see!) 

We know you’re probably already hugging your cat on the daily, but we hope this essential guide allows you to appreciate your cat even more on this special day! 

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