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A Guide to Cyprus Hybrid Cats

A Cyprus cat is a breed to revere. They have been around for the past 4000 years or so and in 2004, archaeologists uncovered their remains along with their human counterparts. Surely this cat breed is one of the oldest examples of a domesticated cat.

Thought to be descended from Egyptian Cats, the Cyprus cat was later known as the Aphrodite - a name fitting for a regal cat.
According to VioVet:
There is evidence to suggest that these cats are linked to St. Nicholas of the Cats, a Byzantine monastery, because they were imported during the 4th century to help control an infestation of dangerous snakes in the building. Whilst these cats used to be quite common in native Cyprus, today they are rarely observed in coastal areas of the country.

Cyprus Hybrid Cat Appearance

Due to years of living in mountainous regions, the Cyprus cat has a strong and muscular body. Even though these feisty kitties have a muscular stance, they are quite elegant in how they appear due to the strength being in the shoulders and hips. Since the neck and back is long, it all balances out to a natural look. But don't let that fool you, these are strong cats.

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The Cyprus usually weighs around 15 lbs, making it a medium cat and it is known for its triangular head and straight cheek line. One of the interesting aspects of this breed is that the eyes will match the coat color - which means that you will always know if your cat is wearing colored contact lenses.
The coat colors are a free-for-all with every color except lilac, chocolate, fawn, and cinnamon and the coat will be dense, yet sleek. Coat patterns are tabby, colorpoint, mink, and striped tabby.

Traits of the Cyprus Cat

Cyprus Kitten
This is an extremely affectionate cat, which means he's perfect for your home even if you have children or other pets. They love to play and are very interactive and have a curious nature. In fact, these are such a people-loving cat that they are considered a lap cat and that's a rare trait among most cat breeds.
They will seek attention and love exploring your home so don't be surprised to see him pawing at your door knobs or trying to open drawers.
The Cyprus Hybrid cat thrives with plenty of affection, attention, and play so be prepared to spend a lot of time entertaining and your cat will reward you with all of its affection.

Health Concerns of the Cyprus

The Cyprus cat doesn't have any specific health concerns and has an average lifespan of up to 15 years. Just keep an eye out for typical cat issues such as fleas, diarrhea, and feline urinary tract disease.
Make sure you groom your cat three to five times per week and keep up with any vet visits that are necessary to ensure your cat's health. Keep a clean litter box and spend lots of time with your cat. 

An Ideal House Cat

These playful felines are ideal for all kinds of homes - those with children or pets. They simply need a lot of attention and interaction and will return the favor with all of their heart. 

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