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All About the Egyptian Mau Cat


Looking for an exotic breed of cat for your unique house and home? Consider the Mau, a rare breed from Egypt that is one of the few naturally spotted breeds of domesticated cats. With its unique coat and large eyes, the Mau looks just like a min-sized jungle cat. They also have a winning and loyal personality to match making them a great pet for the whole family to enjoy.

The History of the Egyptian Mau

The Mau closely resembles the spotted cats found in ancient artwork in Egypt and it is believed that the breed may have been domesticated from African wild cats. They were brought over the United States by way of Italy and were recognized as an official breed in 1977. The Egyptian Mau is not just a pretty face either, this little cutie is also the fastest of all domesticated cat breeds, having been clocked running at speeds of over 30 mph.

What are the Physical Characteristics of Egyptian Mau Cats?

egypt mau cat

The elegant Mau comes in three different colors and markings: silver with charcoal markings, bronze with dark brown or black markings, and smoke with black markings. Medium sized and muscular, the Mau also is characterized by having longer hind legs than front ones. These allow the cat to jump vertically with more power and it is common to see this breed perched on furniture like a bird. The Mau cat has a wedge-shaped head and bright green eyes that just add to its wild appearance.

How about their Personality?

According to the Cat Fancier’s Association, the Mau cat is a very loyal breed that treats its owners with affection but can be wary around strangers. They are also territorial and are much more relaxed in their home turf than in strange locales. This makes the Mau cat a great option for any family that wants a cat that will stick around the house and makes strong bonds with individual family members.

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Do Egyptian Mau Cats Need any Special Grooming or Care?

Egyptian Mau cats have a medium length coat that you should plan on brushing regularly not just for the health of the animal but to keep it brilliant. Nail trimmings are necessary with the Egyptian Mau, and ear cleanings should be done too. Brushing the teeth of your Mau cat will help ensure good oral and digestive health as well.

Finding an Egyptian Mau Cat

egyptian mau

The Egyptian Mau is actually a rare breed, and so you might have trouble finding one in your area. Your best bet is going through a respectable breeder that specializes in the Mau so that you are sure to get a happy and healthy kitten. Because they are a rare breed, it is not likely that you are going to find an Egyptian Mau in a rescue or shelter that is up for adoption.

Is the Egyptian Mau right for me?

The Egyptian Mau is an exotic looking pet for those that want something a little bit different than the average house cat. Fiercely loyal, this cat will soon come to feel like an integral part of the family, and even get protective. Egyptian Mau are also known for being super intelligent and curious, so be ready for a pet that wants to get all up in your business! At the end of the day, the Egyptian Mau is a loving pet with a cool look that will work great for many different households.

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