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August Cool Cat of the Month: Meet Scrumptious!

We talked to PrettyLitter subscriber Lacey D. about Scrumptious and here’s what she had to say:

Scrumptious is a Savannah F5. I have had him since he was 4 months old. A friend of mine has a friend who has a F2 female as a support cat for her daughter. When they bought the mother they did not know she was pregnant. Once the kittens were born she contacted my friend Brooke. Brooke and I run a small rescue so she knew we would be able to take them. We adopted 3 of them out and Brooke kept one and of course I kept Scrumptious. 

Scrumptious is a very kind and sweet cat. He follows me around like a dog. I have trained him to walk with a harness. His personality is very unique for a cat. He will curl up on your lap and fall asleep. He paws to get under the covers so he can snuggle and sleep with me at night. When I go to leave he follows me to the door and meows at me. When I return home he is at the door to greet me as well and meows and follows me to the kitchen. 

One Fun Fact About Me:

He loves to pull the covers down in bed to snuggle.

Scrumptious’ Favorite Pastimes:

Playing with the dog.

Most Mischievous Behavior:

Drinking from the toilet.

If your cat could have one thing unlimited for the rest of time, what would it be?


Thank you for sharing your story, Lacey and Scrumptious!

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