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Burmese Cats: A Guide to the Breed

The Burmese cat is a beloved breed that is recognized as being people-friendly and loving, while its distinct looks make it a highly sought after breed.

The Burmese cat breed is one that has its roots from one single ancestor. According to the (CFA) Cat Fancier's Association:
Originally from Burma, Wong Mau was brought to America in 1930 and bred with a Siamese. This Burmese Siamese cat was used to create the Burmese breed so popular among cat lovers today.
There are many specifics to this breed that make them stand apart from other cats, including their piercing yellow eyes.
Here is more on characteristics, as well as breed information and facts.

Burmese Cats Characteristics

Burmese Cat Sitting

The Burmese cat is a relatively small to medium cat, weighing around 8 to 13 lbs and with a lifespan of 10-17 years.
Their coloring is usually a darker brown but they are bred in a variety of colors such as chocolate, lilac, blue, cream, red, and variations of lilac with shades of cream and red chocolate. The four colors recognized by the Cat Fancier's Association are blue, champagne, platinum, and sable. 
The coats are typically short with a fine, glossy look that is characterized by a finish that is satiny. 
It has a build that is stocky, with males typically weighing about 3 lbs more than females. Even with their medium weight, due to their athleticism and muscle build,
Burmese cats are compact, yet stocky.

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Personality of the Burmese Cat

Burmese Cat with Little Girl

One characteristic of Burmese cats that is unique from some of the other cat breeds is that they are extremely affectionate to their owners and love positive attention. They love to follow their parents from room to room and even have a friendly disposition around children. This is a furry companion that love to curl up in a warm lap and be petted, making them an ideal pet for families and singles alike.
In fact, the National Alliance of Burmese Breeders (NABB) calls them “the ultimate companion cats”.

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Burmese cats are extremely intelligent and alert, which means that they adore playing with toys and running around in playful mannerisms. There have even been cases where the Burmese cat has been known to fetch its own toys - so toys are a definite must-have in a Burmese cat household.
This breed of cat, while very affectionate, does not mind telling its owners when it needs attention and will be very vocal about it. The sounds vary from rumbling to chattering - anything to get your attention.

Burmese Cat Care and Health

Burmese Cat Under Blanket

This is typically a healthy and sound breed, but there are some issues to be aware of that they are prone to. An endocrine disorder that they are prone to is diabetes mellitus.
Another condition is hypokalemia, which is low blood potassium. This is not fatal but can lead to muscle weakness. There are potassium supplements that help with hypokalemia. 
There are a few other conditions that Burmese cats may get due to genetics but overall, this is a breed considered as one of the more healthy ones.
Keep your Burmese cat healthy with regular vet visits and be aware of any changes that may predict an issue that needs addressing.
The Burmese cat is a graceful, athletic, playful, and loving cat breed that makes a home more complete. 


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