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5 Reasons California Spangled Cats Make the Best Pets

Thinking of getting a four-legged friend? Choosing a new pet takes thought and consideration. You must be sure the pet is a good fit for you and your family first, to ensure a happy home for both you and your future pet. Whether you’re single or have children, here are five reasons why the California Spangled Cat may be the best pet companion for you: 

1. They Are Particularly Affectionate

Lots of people choose dogs over cats for the simple reason that most cats tend to be a little more independent and aren’t normally fans of too much affection. The California Spangled Cat is just not like the rest, as these kitties absolutely love showing and receiving affection. They are warm, docile, and loving pets to keep around the house. They quickly form bonds with their owners and very much enjoy cozying up to and showing affection to those who care for them. They also get along very well with other cats so if you already own some, you don’t have to worry about the newcomer having any trouble fitting in at home.

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2. They Are Highly Intelligent

California Spangled Cat

Though bred to resemble wild cats, California Spangled Cats are actually very easy to tame. They have a deep level of understanding by comparison to other pets, including other breeds of cat. This makes it significantly easier to train them and teach them the household pet rules. The only drawback to their high level of intelligence is that they are also quite good at showering their owners with affection in order to get what they want. But it’s such a darn cute characteristic that you’ll have a hard time being upset!

3. They Are Very Energetic and Playful

Whoever said cats aren’t as playful as dogs obviously never met a California Spangled Cat. These cats are particularly energetic and playful. Because they are such loving companions, they truly enjoy playing not only with other pets, but with their owners, as well. Their active personalities mean they are always ready and willing to play, run around, and impress their owners with almost acrobatic-like skills! The California Spangled Cat is also a very social breed so they will be just as kind and playful with visitors at your home as they are with you.

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4. They’re Hypoallergenic

The California Spangled Cat is pretty good at cleaning itself and while a good grooming from time to time is a good idea, these cats produce little to no dander. Not only does that mean minimal grooming and way less cleanup around the house, but it also means they are hypoallergenic. In fact, people with known cat allergies normally have no issues with the California Spangled Cat.

5. They Are Not Aggressive

Spangled Cat

Though their spotted coats may look wild, the California Spangled Cat is anything but. It was bred specifically to resemble a wild cat but doesn’t have any aggressive character traits under normal circumstances. This breed is very docile, gentle, and loving. Though they can be energetic, their energy is always directed towards play and exercise and never toward harming surrounding pets or people. On the contrary, they are particularly fond of children and other pets and are always gentle. Requiring little more than love and ample time to stretch and play both indoors and outdoors, the California Spangled Cat remains one of the easiest breeds of cat to own and care for.


Do you have a California Spangled Cat? Tell us about their personality in the comments!


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