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Cat Litter Box Tips and Tricks

Improve Your Kitty's Bathroom Experience

As cat owners, you know that sometimes your kitty finds the carpet to be a more appealing place than the cat’s litter box to take care of his business. But have you ever wondered why? Getting to the root of the issue can help you solve this frustrating problem.

There are many reasons your cat might stop using their litter pan. He might feel uncomfortable because it's too enclosed or in a location where he doesn't feel safe. There may be too few litter boxes in your home compared to the number of cats. Or you might not be meeting your kitty's (super!) high standards when cleaning the litter box.

It may take some trial and error, but it's important to figure out why your cat is unhappy with his current bathroom situation. Here are some cat litter box cleaning tips and tricks to help make your kitty's bathroom experience more enjoyable and to get a better sense as cat owners of when to change the cat litter.

Give Your Kitty Options

How many litter boxes do you currently have? If you have one cat and one litter box, purchasinganother litter box might be worth it to save yourself from cleaning the rug every other day. Sometimes, it's nice for kitties to be able to change things up a bit.

If you have multiple cats, you'll definitely need more than one litter box. The general rule is to have one clean litter box for each cat, plus one extra. So if you have two cats, you should have three litter boxes.

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Because cats are territorial by nature, removing that conflict can go a long way. Sometimes a cat will claim one box as his own. Having others available gives your cats options and cuts back on competition — as well as messes outside the litter box.

If you have an adequate number of litter boxes but still find your cat on the carpet, you may need to look at the type of litter box you're using to find out why he's resistant to keeping his business in the box.

For instance, is the litter box your cat currently uses open or covered? He might feel too confined or too exposed. Try a different style litter box and see if he ends up preferring to use that one more.

Regardless of the number or style of litter boxes in your home, you should always be cleaning the litter box on a regular basis. Scooping litter boxes regularly will keep you and your kitties happy.

Choose The Right Litter

It's not just the clean box that matters; the material of the kitty litter inside is a deal-breaker for some cats, too. Doing research on different types of cat litter and their ingredients will help you decide what is best for your little kitty's needs. If your fur baby is currently using a clay-based litter formula but has stopped going in the litter box, consider trying a silica-based litter.

Just be sure totransition out the litter gradually. A sudden change can create even more problems in your kitty's bathroom routine. Start by mixing a small amount of the new litter in with the current litter so that your cat has time to adjust to the new texture. Once you find a kitty litter your feline friend likes, stick with it to avoid unnecessary stress for your pet.

The scent of your kitty's litter is another thing to keep in mind. Cats have sensitive noses, and litters that are heavily perfumed may be a turnoff or may aggravate feline asthma symptoms or bring on an allergic reaction to cat litter.

Instead, try to find an unscented litter with strong odor control. This – combined with keeping the cat’s litter box clean – will keep bad litter box odors to a minimum without bothering Fluffy's sinuses.

If you're on the hunt for a new litter, consider acat litter subscription made from a revolutionary formula. This litter is made of super-odor-locking silica crystals. Plus, one lightweight, virtually dust-free bag lasts a whole month, which makes your job as a pet parent so much easier and keeps the litter in the litter box. PrettyLitter also gives cat owners insight into their cat’s health by changing color.

Clean The Litter Box Consistently

Felines are clean creatures. They are constantly grooming themselves and prefer clean litterboxes. There is a good chance your cat will refuse to use your cat’s litter box if it hasn't had a recent scoop or rinse.

Luckily,cleaning the litter box doesn't take long. Try your best to scoop the litter at least once a day.

About once a month, the litter box will need a deeper cleaning. Empty the litter into the trash and give the box a rinse with hot water and scrub with dish soap. Dry thoroughly and refill with fresh litter.

Maintaining a clean litter box will keep your home smelling fresh. It will also increase your kitty's happiness. Creating a regular, consistent cleaning schedule could be the key to getting your cat to use his litter box without exception.

When it comes to cat litter box cleaning tips, we could go on for days, but the most important thing to remember, by far, is cleanliness.

Do You Have More Cat Litter Box Cleaning Tips?

Your kitty loves you. When he goes to the bathroom outside of his litter box, it isn't personal. There is usually an underlying reason.

t's our job as cat owners to take a moment to figure out the root of the issue and how to keep litter in the litter box. Often, it's as simple as cleaning the litter box more frequently.

Have you dealt with a cat who refused to use his litter box? How long did your kitty's bad bathroom habits last? We'd love to know what you did to help him! Share your cat litter box cleaning tips in the comments below.

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