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4 Awesome Cat Perch Ideas for Your Spoiled Fur-Baby

She's there on your good days, she's there on your bad days. She'll let you annoy her with smooches and obsessively pet her. She'll listen to your never-ending stories and be your right-hand companion during your Netflix binging. If you want to do something special for her to thank her for being your best furry friend, gift your cat with her own little getaway: a unique cat perch.

PrettyLitter 4 Awesome Cat Perch Ideas for Your Spoiled Fur-Baby

Cat beds are cool n' all, but with easy DIY projects and custom-designed cat furniture, why not spoil your furry friend? Cats love jumping and climbing so a cat perch is perfect to keep your kitty entertained and to give her a birds-eye-view of the house when she's relaxing.

Here are some fun and whimsical cat perch ideas to spoil your feline friend while changing things up from the usual cat tree.

A DIY Hanging Basket Cat Perch

Hymns and Verses has brilliantly designed a hanging cat perch for your fancy cat. With easy-to-follow instructions, some rope, and a basket, your cat will be hangin' out in her new favorite spot in no time.

Place your hanging cat perch masterpiece above a window to give Fluffy a clear view of the scenery outside or in your family room so she can watch episodes of The Bachelor with you all night.

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A Unique Wall Bridge for Your Cat

If your cat gets bored of playing with her old toys or her basic cat tree, add a little excitement to her life with an awesome wall bridge cat perch you can find on Amazon.

Great for apartments and smaller spaces, a wall bridge will give your cat a safe space to call her own while turning your fur baby into stunning wall art. Now Fluffy can pretend to be Indiana Jones, show off her cat-letic skills, or make her journey to her nap spot even more interesting.

C'mon, you've gotta admit, if you were a cat, wouldn't you want your own wall bridge?

A DIY Real Cat Tree

You've seen and shopped cat trees before, but not like this one. Brittany Goldwyn brought new life and added meaning to the classic cat tree. This claw-ver cat mom was inspired to make a cat tree with real branches for her cats.

PrettyLitter 4 Awesome Cat Perch Ideas for Your Spoiled Fur-Baby
Image courtesy of Brittany Goldwyn

Brittany ventured out into the woods and found actual branches to custom build a beautiful cat tree for her family of felines. She included stone detailing on the base of the tree and multi-leveled perches.

She has shared her stunning step-by-step creation process with other cat parents who want to make one of their own. Plus, the best thing about creating your own DIY cat perch is that yours will be completely unique.

A Handmade Wooden Cat Perch Showpiece

Custom Cat Furniture is a company that sells handmade cat furniture made from real wood and rope. The furniture designs are remarkable and don't use any sharp metals like nails or staples to protect your kitty and her delicate paws.

PrettyLitter 4 Awesome Cat Perch Ideas for Your Spoiled Fur-Baby

Alexander Hagendorf, the cat-obsessed artist believes in hand-picking the wood used in his creations.

"Sourcing wood that grows in Southeastern Pennsylvania provides the opportunity to use a wide array of hardwoods and softwoods for the furniture. I only use wood that I collect myself," says Alexander. "Knowing exactly where the wood I work with comes from provides a story element that you can't get from any other way of acquiring this material."

With detailed carpentry and a passion for cat furniture designs, the end result is a true showpiece. His work is so purr-ty that you'll want to show it off right in the center of your living room for all of your guests to see.

Your kitty is one-of-a-kind so she deserves one-of-a-kind spoiling. Treat her to an Indiana Jones adventure with a wall bridge cat perch or a real cat tree. You'll think of it as a gift; she'll think of it as a permanent vacation.

Have a unique cat perch creation of your own? Share a snapshot of your design and tag us on Instagram @PrettyLitter.

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