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Memorial Day Donations to Cat Rescue Shelters Exceed 3,000 Bags of Litter!

During the week leading up to Memorial Day 2019, we ran a promotion with a special give-back designed to help cat rescue groups and shelters. We pledged that for every bag of PrettyLitter that customers purchased for their fur babies, we would donate a bag to a shelter organization fighting to help homeless, ill, or abandoned kitties.

PrettyLitter Memorial Day Donations to Cat Rescue Shelters

In true American spirit, the cat-loving community came together and helped us give thanks to our nation’s heroes, community heroes serving pets in need, and cat-lovers alike for Memorial Day.

Today, we'd like to thank you and all those who contributed by sharing the results of your support.


Our Patriotic Cat Rescue Organizations

For each bag of PrettyLitter that was sold between May 22nd and 29th, we gave customers a free cat toy and donated a bag of PrettyLitter Animals for Armed Forces or Heaven on Earth.

Animals for Armed Forces

In partnership with the rescue shelter spcaLA, Animals for Armed Forces provides free pet adoption events that help shelter animals find loving homes with the heroes of our Armed Forces. Over the last seven years, Animals for Armed Forces has helped facilitate more than 1,300 animal adoptions.

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The founders, Matt MacFarland and Amanda Han, say "one of the biggest rewards is meeting veterans and military families, hearing their stories, and seeing them leave alongside a new pet with a smile on their face."

To Matt and Amanda, we say "Thank you!" for giving our furry friends and our nation's heroes companionship.

Heaven on Earth

The wonderful people at Heaven On Earth provide no-kill, cage-free rescue facilities, adoption programs, spay/neuter clinics, and community outreach, ultimately transforming the lives of homeless cats for the better.

PrettyLitter Memorial Day Donations to Cat Rescue Shelters

For 15 years, Heaven On Earth has provided cats with temporary housing while awaiting adoption and longer-term homes while the felines receive quality care and lots of love. The organization's North Hollywood sanctuary – known affectionately as Perry’s Place in honor of Perry “Per” MacFarlane, a lifelong animal friend and advocate – houses nearly 150 cats at any given time.

Though other locations and foster pet-parent partnerships, Heaven On Earth provides homes to up to 180 cats, including those who are awaiting adoption, have special needs, are dealing with chronic health issues, or who call the sanctuary their forever home due to age and other factors affecting adoption.

The compassionate people at Heaven On Earth are true heroes of the animal world.

Our Give-Back

In honor of Memorial Day, the PrettyLitter family gave our thanks to our nation’s heroes and the community heroes serving our dear feline friends.

It's with great joy that we announce we were able to donate more than 3,000 bags of PrettyLitter cat litter to the two cat rescue organizations during this special event.

PrettyLitter Memorial Day Donations to Cat Rescue Shelters

Not only will the donated bags of kitty litter help the cat rescue organizations save thousands of dollars on cat litter as they house and care for the fur-babies in their facilities, but also they'll be able to keep close watch on the health of their residents with PrettyLitter's color-changing granules.

We hope our donation – made possible by wonderful PrettyLitter customers – is able to help Animals for Armed Forces or Heaven on Earth continue doing their honorable work and save more cat lives.

If you'd like to support Animals for Armed Forces or Heaven on Earth, visit their websites directly to make a contribution or find your new furry family addition through one of their adoption events.

Do you have a cat rescue charity that's dear to your heart? Give them a shout out in the comments below and spread the love.


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