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A Guide to German Rex Cats

When you want a beautiful, intelligent feline that bonds quickly with your family, turn to the German Rex cat. German Rex cats love nothing more than to curl up in your lap after a feisty play session. Before you decide to bring a German Rex cat into your home, though, you should learn more about the breed’s traits to make sure it will fit into your family.

Physical Traits of German Rex Cats

German Rex cats have medium-sized bodies. They also have long legs packed with strong muscles, so they can leap higher than you probably expect. Big, triangular ears will also help you recognize a German Rex cat.

When it comes to fur, most German Rex cats have short, thick fur that feels amazing to rub. If you let the coat grow out a bit, the hairs will start to curl, which makes the felines even more adorable. No cat lover can resist petting the thick, curly coat of a German Rex. You can try to resist, but you will fail!

German Rex cats come in a huge variety of colors. Some common colors include red, brown, frost, cinnamon, black, white, and chestnut. The blue ones look particularly amazing, especially in the right light.

Can’t decide which color you like most? You don’t have to decide because German Rex cats often have mixed colors, including calico and tortoiseshell.

German Rex Cats Have Serious Smarts

Don’t bring a German Rex cat into your home just because you love its cute looks. These cats have high intellects… compared to other cats, of course. They’re basically the Einsteins of the cat world.

A smart cat sounds great, right? Just make sure you have enough time to keep them stimulated. Without daily playtime, your super-smart kitten can turn into an evil genius that manages to invade your kitchen cabinets and escape from the house. Maybe they’re the Houdinis of the cat world?

As long as you set aside time to play with your German Rex cat, it will settle down for intense snuggles. The breed bonds quickly with its human family. Don’t feel surprised when this little fur ball demands to curl up at the foot of your bed.

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Taking Care of a German Rex Cat

German Rex cats don’t require a lot of maintenance. The short hair doesn’t need much attention. Over a few months, though, the fur may get a bit greasy. When that happens, take your kitty to a groomer or give her a bath at home.

If you feel too lazy to bathe your cat, just think about how it will feel when the grease ball starts rubbing its head against your face. That should give you plenty of motivation!

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Now that you know more about German Rex cats, do you think you should get one for your home? What qualities appeal to you most?


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