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Grace and Personality: A Guide to the Raas Cat

Raas cats get their name from Raas Island in Indonesia. If you want to find a Raas cat, then you have to travel to their place of origin. Nearly all of the world’s Raas cats live on the island. The few that don’t live there have been shipped from Indonesia to other locations where they live as pets.

Since Raas cats have been domesticated, you can technically keep them as pets. Their beauty makes them particularly attractive to cat enthusiasts. Unfortunately, they have strong personalities, so they don’t always get along with their owners. If you have one, treat it with respect!

Physical Traits of Raas Cats

Raas cats evolved in seclusion without interbreeding with other cat breeds. Living on an island makes it pretty difficult for animals to find new mates. Plus, you know how much cats hate water! Even the possibility of dating a new kitty won’t get them to put their paws in the sea.

The seclusion of evolving on an island gave Raas cats several notable traits.

You can identify Raas cats by their green, ovular eyes and large bodies. Look for bent ends on their tails, too.

Most have characteristics similar to bobcats. For example, they have squarish faces and triangular chins. They also have triangular ears.

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Raas cats come in a variety of colors. Many even have multiple colors just like common housecats. Some of the most elegant Raas cats, however, have a dark black color with a blue sheen. If you find one like that, then you will fall in love instantly.

Training a Raas Cat to Live as a Pet

black raas cat

Technically, Raas cats fall into the domestic cat category. People on Raas Island and nearby areas keep them as pets. The cats, however, have strong personalities that don’t bend easily to human commands. They don’t like to take orders from anyone.

You can train a Raas cat to live as a pet, but expect it to take some time. In the meantime, protect your furniture from their sharp claws. If you find a rather feisty Raas cat, you should also keep your skin covered until it has been trained not to scratch or bite.

The cats don’t have a ferocious nature, but they can get quite rough when annoyed. Just watch where you put your hands and pay attention to the cat’s demeanor. When it hisses or arches its back, take the warning seriously and back off for a while!

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