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June Cool Cats of the Month: Meet Gabriel Gavin and Violet Magdalen!

We talked to PrettyLitter subscriber Jennifer F. about Gabriel Gavin and Violet Magdalen and here’s what they had to say:

How We Became a Family:

I used to have two cats who were the very best of friends: Gabriel and Gilda. They would cuddle together, groom each other’s faces; they just adored each other! Then Gilda came down with cancer and, after putting up such a valiant fight, she succumbed. Gabriel and I were devastated. We mourned hard for months. Finally, I thought that maybe Gabriel would really like it if I adopted a friend to help ease his (and my) grief.  I went with my mom, my stepdad, and Gabriel down to animal control to visit with some cats. I spent time with many, and then decided to bring some, one at a time, into the visiting room to meet Gabriel.  With each one, he was not acting like himself. He was scratching on the door, wanting to get out of the room, and even doing some hissing, which was not at all like his usual friendly personality. I was worried that being at the shelter was bringing back painful memories for him of back when he was homeless and living in a shelter for six months.  I decided to try one more time and bring in a kitty that looked like his best friend Gilda. There were three tiny kittens that all looked like her, and I asked the worker there which one was the spunkiest, because Gilda was very spunky. She handed me the spunkiest one, and I brought her into visit with Gabriel. He was so excited and started sniffing her and engaging with her and she was very interested in him too! They got along famously! I was so happy! After a while, I brought Gabriel out of the room and put him back in his carrier. Then I spent time with the kitten, and she was just as sweet as she could be! I started to cry as I knew I was falling in love with her! I knew she was the kitten for us, and I decided to adopt her on the spot! I decided to name her “Violet “, and this is how Violet became a member of our family.

Fun Facts About Gabriel and Violet:

Gabriel loves to give me lots of head butts every day. He also tries to pet my face with his paw lots of times every day, just like I pet him with my hand. 

He loves fast food, and since I’m a vegan and a health food fan we never have any around the apartment.  But when my boyfriend comes to visit, the two of them sit in the big black velvet armchair, side by side, and share hamburgers and chicken nuggets together. 

In the wintertime, Gabriel likes to lick the condensation off the windows.

Gabriel likes catnip tea bags from the health food store. He likes when I rip them open so he can eat the catnip out of them!


When I wake up in the morning there are always toys in my bed that weren’t there when I went to sleep the night before. It’s always Violet who has put them there.

Violet has a special meow that she says repeatedly whenever she has one of her favorite balls in her mouth.  She’ll walk around the house with her ball and meow and meow because she’s so happy.   

Violet likes to burrow under the covers during the daytime, and she likes to sleep on my left shoulder during the nighttime.


Violet and Gabriel have a huge toy box: it’s about 4 feet long and piled 2 feet high with toys (and those are only half of their toys; I have a giant garbage bag holding the rest). Violet will carefully select a toy and carry it to me, no matter how extremely large it is, when she wants me to play with her. 

Both Gabriel and Violet like to watch cat videos on YouTube. Their favorite videos are by those nationally-famous cats, Cole and Marmalade.

Gabriel and Violet like to watch me do my bellydancing workouts.  They are fascinated by my coin hip scarves.

Gabriel and Violet’s Favorite Pastimes

Gabriel loves to walk on his leash with me around the neighborhood. Violet loves Playing with extremely long strings of pom-poms that have been cut into many, many individual balls.

Thank you for sharing your story, Jennifer, Gabriel, and Violet!

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