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May Cool Cat of the Month: Meet Oliver!

We talked to PrettyLitter subscriber Sonia G. about Oliver and here’s what Sonia had to say:

One Fun Fact About Me & My Cat:

We got Oliver from a friend of the family when he was only 6 weeks old.  He was very tiny and barely weighed 1 lb!  He is now 5 months old and is gaining weight and size nicely.  He is super cuddly and loves to run around the house with his big sister Iyla (our 1yr old kitten).  He also loves to spend time playing with our Great Pyrenees Mia. He is very curious and not afraid of much!

Oliver’s favorite pastimes:

Oliver loves to plop down wherever he can to watch what is going on in or out of the house.  He spends time watching our three kids during the day as they are e-learning from home.  He loves to fight with his big sister Iyla.  When she has enough of his crazy antics, she runs and hides from him.

Most mischievous behavior: 

Oliver’s most mischievous behavior is running out the door behind our Great Pyrenees Mia. He is so quick and stealth like!  He also likes to jump on the kitchen table and sneak a drink out of peoples’ water cups. Oliver also likes to jump in the guinea pigs cage and hang with them, they don’t really seem to mind his company, but it’s not something we like him doing.

If your cat could have one thing unlimited for the rest of time, what would it be?

Oliver would probably want unlimited toys for the rest of his life!  He loves to play with just about anything he can get his paws and mouth on.  

Thank you for sharing your story, Sonia and Oliver!

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