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Peterbald Cats

At first glance, you might think that a Peterbald Cat is a hairless sphynx but upon closer glance, you may notice a layer of fine, short hair. This is a relatively new breed from Russia. In 1994 cat fanciers decided to breed a Donskoy Cat with an Oriental Shorthair. The Donskoy is a charming cat who is mostly or fully hairless. Oriental Shorthairs are similar to Siamese cats but come in a wider variety of colors. Peterbalds are loyal kitties who some say act more like a loyal dog than a typical cat.

Peterbald Varieties

There are quite a few varieties of Peterbald cats, based on what type of coat they have. Their coats can change throughout their lives, so their type at birth may change. There are fully bald cats who have no hair at all, with a sticky touch to their skin. Chamois Peterbalds have no hair, but their skin feels soft and smooth. Velour Peterbalds have a short velvety coat up to 1mm long. Brush Peterbalds have a felt-like coat up to 5mm long. Straight Peterbalds have a normal cat's coat. Grooming and cat of your Peterbald cat will depend on what type of coat it has.

Taking Care of a Bald Pet

While not all Peterbalds are fully hairless, most of them have less hair than normal cats. Hairless cats expend a lot more energy to keep themselves warm, meaning their metabolism is higher. They may eat more than a typical cat to keep themselves going strong. You will also need to wash your cat about once a week. Just like human skin, it can get oily, especially on fully hairless cats, and it can get stinky after a while with no bathing!
Peterbald cats, and any hairless cat does not do well outside. They need to stay warm, making your house the best place. Offer plenty of cozy spots for your cat to hang out. Some owners try to put sweaters on their bald pets, but blankets, heated cat beds or a cozy spot on your lap will also work just fine. If they do go outside, they need to wear sunscreen!

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Peterbalds Want to Be Friends

This cat breed's personality is unique. Cats are stereo-typically aloof, only demanding your attention when it is not convenient, or being a fair-weather friend who only likes pets when it's time for food. The Peterbald is totally different. They are outgoing beauties who will greet your guests and become their best friend quickly. They love to be around you as much as possible and are quite content to sit next to you or on your lap - with the occasional pet of course. You will probably find your Peterbald cat waiting for you by the door when you come home!
If you already have a full household, you don't have to worry about adding a Peterbald cat. They usually get along well with everyone, including young ones, as well as other animals. They are quite talkative. Perhaps they are telling you how much they love you!
Getting a Peterbald Cat is a great idea. They will totally change your idea of what it is like to own a cat. They may be better for people with cat allergies. They still have the dander that most people are allergic to, but since they have little to no fur, it comes off with a little rubdown.
Have you decided that a Peterbald Cat is a better "man's best friend" than a dog? Tell us why in the comments below!


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