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How to Keep Cat Litter in The Litter Box

Stop Litter Box Scatter In Its Tracks

As a cat owner, you’ve probably found tiny granules scattered around your cat’s litter box. Step in them and they’ll stick to your feet, traveling even farther from where Fluffy does her business. Litter box scatter might end up in your shoes or even in your bed - gross!

There is nothing inside a litter box that you want tracked around your home. After all, it’s where your kitty goes to the bathroom. But kicking litter around with their little cat paws to cover their waste isn’t something you can stop your cat from doing. So, many cat owners are left scratching their heads in frustration. So how do you prevent your cat's litter from getting all over the place?
If litter scatter has you constantly reaching for the vacuum, we can help with our litter that doesn't track. Keep reading for tips on how to keep cat litter in the litter box.

Cat Litter Tracking: Start With a Clean Slate

Before you try to figure out the best way to stop litter box scatter from your furry feline, you should start with a clean slate. Grab your broom or vacuum and clean up any kitty litter you find around your home. Be sure to look around all litter boxes or litter trays, and don't forget about the path between Fluffy's litter box and the chair where she likes to take her afternoon nap.
Cleaning up any lingering litter scatter or tracking litter around the house will help you judge how well the suggestions below are working for you and your kitty. If you continue to find litter around your home, do another clean sweep and try something else.

Put a Lid on It

Does your current litter box have a cover? If not, it might be worth investing in a hooded cat litter tray. A covered litter box will help prevent litter box scatter even if Fluffy decides to dig her way around the world.
As a caring cat parent, you may have concerns about using a covered litter box. Some kitty litters are quite dusty. When your cat kicks her litter around, dust stirs up and becomes trapped beneath the hooded cat litter cover. Breathing in this dust could give Fluffy respiratory problems. She might also be bothered by unpleasant smells that build up inside.
If the poor air quality in an enclosed box worries you,consider trying PrettyLitter. Developed by veterinarians, PrettyLitter offers low dust cat litter that won't create respiratory issues for your kitty. Plus, PrettyLitter doesn't need to use strong perfumes because it traps bad odors, which means Fluffy can breathe easy. Because of our high-quality unscented litter, you’ll no longer have to worry about your cat getting diarrhea from their litter or developing any kind of feline allergic reaction.

Think Deep

Enclosed litter boxes are great, but not all cats will use them. If you have a picky kitty, try a deeper litter box. A deeper box will give Fluffy room to move around freely while making it harder for her to kick or slide litter over the sides.

When choosing a litter box with higher sides, keep your cat's mobility in mind. According to theCornell University College of Veterinary Medicine,kittens and older cats may have trouble climbing inside. Make sure there is a low entry point so feeble felines can get in and out easily. Otherwise, they might not use the box at all — and that's worse than litter box scatter!

Consider Containment

If you and your cat are happy with your current litter box, there are other ways to stop scatter. Try putting the litter box inside another container. A large plastic storage tub might be just the thing to contain litter box scatter and keep Fluffy purring with delight. Cut a hole in one side so your kitty can easily climb inside to get to her litter box.
Don't feel like cutting through a storage tub? You can also use a washing machine tray from the hardware store or a boot tray. Both have a lip to contain litter box scatter. If you have the space, placing the litter box inside a plastic kiddie pool also works wonders for catching stray litter granules.

Use a Litter Mat

A litter mat can be a lifesaver when it comes to stopping litter scatter and promoting clean paws. With a wide variety of sizes and textures, it should be easy to find one you and Fluffy both like.
Silicone mats are easy to clean and often textured to clean your cat's paws. They trap loose litter before it can be carried around your home. These mats work the same way as the doormats people use to wipe their shoes.
Your kitty may prefer something softer. Some litter mats feel like a soft rug or a towel. If you want to try before you buy and make sure it'll lead to clean paws, you can place an old towel or bathroom rug beneath the litter box to gauge Fluffy's reaction. A perk to using a softer mat — or even a bathmat or towel — is that it is likely machine washable.

Change Your Litter

Many cat litters are marketed as "low-tracking" or "non-tracking litter," but it's hard to know what really works without trying them out. However, taking multiple litters for a test drive isn't easy. Litters need to be gradually swapped out so that Fluffy has time to adjust. And if she doesn't like a litter, she might not use her litter box at all.
If litter box scatter has you down and you're up to the task of trying a new litter, PrettyLitter is a great option. Rather than traditional clay litter, our formula is made of silica gel crystals.Ourcrystal litters alsowon't easily stick to Fluffy's paws.Try PrettyLitter today if you are interested in upgrading yourcat’s litter to adust free,non-clumping litter.  
PrettyLitter also changes color when your cat urinates on it and can indicate health issues you weren't aware of. If your cat's litter does end up outside the box, you don't have to worry about a big mess. Liquids are absorbed and then eliminated, and the colors won't transfer either.

Litter scatter is an annoying problem for most cat owners. The good news is that the odor and litter tracking is not something you have to live with. There are many ways to stop litter box scatter. Whether it's a different style box, a mat, a container, or a new litter, you and your kitty are sure to find a solution for litter that doesn't track to fit your needs.

Have you figured out a way to keep kitty litter inside the litter box that wasn't mentioned here? Share your discovery with us and other cat parents in the comments below!

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