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Taking Care of Short-Haired Domestic Hybrid Cats

Short-haired domestic hybrid cats are one of the most popular types of cats to have as a pet. If you have a short-haired domestic hybrid cat, you've probably learned to love their personality quirks and adorable behavior. However, in order to make sure that your pet cat has the best life possible, it's important to learn how to properly take care of them. By learning to take care of your cats, you can be sure you're providing them with the best life possible at your home.

Tips for Making Your Furry Friend Feel at Home

Here are some tips for taking care of short-haired domestic hybrid cats so that your cat can have the best quality of life possible, and can stick around to provide you with love and companionship for years to come.

Go to the Vet Regularly

Cat at Vet

Your cat might hate going to the vet, just like you hate going to the doctor. But it's important that you take your short-haired domestic hybrid cat to the vet regularly so that you can make sure his health is in great shape. The vet will give your cat the vaccinations he needs to stay healthy. He'll also be able to detect any health problems as they arise so they can be treated early and don't become more severe.

Change His Litter

Short-haired domestic hybrid cats like a clean litter box. Make sure that you scoop the litter box at least one time per day so that it stays clean and comfortable for your pet to use. If you don't clean his litter box regularly, you may find that he goes to the bathroom somewhere other than the litter box, since this spot may feel cleaner and safer to him.

Give Him Plenty of Water

Cat Drinking Water

Short-haired domestic hybrid cats can easily get dehydrated, especially in the warm summer months. Keep a water bowl near his food bowl so he can come and drink regularly. Make sure to refill it if it's empty or to change out the water if the water doesn't look clean. You can keep multiple water bowls around the house if you want to make sure that your cat can always easily access water for hydration.

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Treat Him for Ticks and Fleas

Even if your cat only stays inside, there are chances that pests can attack. So, make sure you get him regular preventative treatment for ticks and fleas. Your vet can provide treatment when you visit so that you don't have to worry about your cat being itchy or uncomfortable, or about him spreading any unwanted bugs around your home.

Make Sure He Gets Enough Exercise

Kitten With Toy

Short-haired domestic hybrid cats tend to be stocky, and it's easy for them to get overweight if they love food and hate exercise. Make sure that your cat gets plenty of exercise by playing with him. Get toys that make your cat want to run and jump.  If your cat appears to be getting overweight, speak to his vet about potentially switching or limiting the amount of food he is getting.
Short-haired domestic hybrid cats make great pets. Learn how to take care of them, and you can make sure they feel good for years to come. If your cat feels good, he'll be a wonderful buddy to keep you company into the future. To make sure your cat has the best kitty litter possible, subscribe to PrettyLitter. You can offer your cat litter that is healthy and high quality, and you can make the process of getting it as easy as possible for yourself.

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