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Thai Cats: The Classic Siamese


You may be confused by the term 'Thai Cats' as it is often used to cover seven different types of feline companion. But the only true Thai cat is a bit of a paradox. It was only very recently given a classification of its own, yet is actually one of the oldest breeds of cat to hail from Thailand. Often known as the 'Classic Siamese', these ancient and beautiful cats deserve to stand apart from their relatives. Let's have a look at what makes these gorgeous kitties unique.

Thai Cats vs Siamese Cats: What's the Difference?

Whilst all Thai cats come from a common Thai ancestor called the wichianmat, modern Siamese cats have been bred to show and don’t resemble the traditional or classic Siamese cat except in color. This color scheme is often referred to as ‘pointed’, because the pointy bits of the cat (ears, face, tail) are darker than the body. The points are often a deep chocolate brown, with the body a contrasting cream. There are also paler variants, and sometimes even the occasional albino. Thai cats tend to have a wide, apple head, not as sharply pointed or wedge-like as the modern Siamese. Thai cats also have shorter bodies than modern Siamese, whilst still being longer than Western domestic cats. They have large ears like the modern Siamese but tend to be stockier and more muscular. Siamese have been intensively bred to be svelte and skinny, whereas the Thai cat more closely resembles their common ancestors.

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Thai Cats Love to Talk to You

One thing Thai cats have in common with the modern Siamese is that they love to talk to you! A quick search on YouTube for ‘talking Thai cats’ yields hundreds of results, mostly from proud cat owners surprised at how human their chatty pet sounds. Thai cats are extremely vocal, and just love to tell you what’s going on. If you only own one Thai cat, expect to be chatted to constantly as they crave your company. Two cats living together may be slightly quieter, as they enjoy each other’s company as well as the attention they get from their human.

Thai Cats Love Your Dogs Too

Siamese Kitten with Puppy

One of the main concerns about buying a cat is worrying whether it will get on with the family dog. As long as your dog doesn’t have a history of being aggressive to cats, you should find that your Thai cat warms to your dog wonderfully. They are naturally social animals, and playful enough to enjoy the attention they receive from a curious and friendly dog. Thai cats will play fetch just like a dog, and can even learn tricks, so you might end up training your cat and your dog together!

Because of their friendly and playful nature, Thai cats are also an excellent choice for a family with children, as long as the children are taught to be respectful. Like all cats, they won’t tolerate their tails being pulled or being picked up and squeezed like a teddy bear! Another reason they make a good family pet is that with the right care, they can live for 20 years or more. Good nutrition, regular vet checkups, plenty of attention and a fresh, clean litter tray will keep your Thai cat happy and healthy for many years to come.

Now you know a bit more about living with Thai cats. Whether you know them as the classic Siamese, the traditional Siamese or simply the Thai cat, this delightful cat breed is an intelligent and loyal addition to any family.





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