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The Absolute Essentials of Cat Care

So, you’ve got a cat. Or you’re thinking about getting a cat. That’s great! Cats are affectionate, loving pets who will bring any years of happiness. But do you know what cat care is all about? According to the charity International Cat Care, many cat owners and prospective cat owners don’t understand all the basics of cat care. Thankfully, there’s plenty of information available. Let’s have a look at the essentials of cat care to help you down the right path towards a happy and healthy feline.


Cat Care: Exercise and Playing

 Kitten with Pink Mouse Toy

Cat’s crave interaction and attention. They are hunters by nature, and love to keep their instincts honed by chasing anything they can find. String, your shoelaces, insects; anything is fair game. The good news is this is great exercise for your cat, and keeps them toned and healthy. What you might not realize is playing also keeps your cat’s brain healthy too. A bored cat is an unhappy cat, and cats can even lose confidence and become withdrawn if they don’t play enough. A good cat care regime should include some playtime every day. Try a few different types of toys to find out what your cat’s favorites are. Keep them away from dangerous ‘toys’ such as plastic bags; cats may be clever, but they often can’t resist the rustling temptation of a bag to pounce on!

Cat Care: Diet and Food

 Person Feeing Cat

There’s a recurring myth that cats will never over-eat. Unfortunately, this is not the case. If you ‘free-feed’ your cat, they may simply eat all that is available then con you into putting more food down. This stems from natural instincts that tell the cat that food might not be available for a long time, so better eat fast while the going is good! Not all cats behave in this way, but it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your cat’s food intake. The Nest recommends that healthy adult cats feed once or twice a day, and advises not to refill the bowl every time it’s running low. Cat obesity leads to health problems and even early death. Most high-quality cat foods have a guide on how much to feed your cat, so have a read and ensure you’re not over-feeding. Cat food should be high in protein, Complement wet food with dry kibble to help keep your kitty’s teeth in good condition.

Cat Care: Grooming and Hygiene

Happy Cat Being Brushed

Cats are often seen as very clean animals, but they can still do with a bit of help from you. For excellent cat care, it’s good to get involved with your cat’s grooming. Cats groom each other to show affection, and when you groom your cat, you are forging an unbreakable bond with your pet. Groom your cat’s fur with a good quality brush, or a specialist glove. This helps remove dead skin and particles, keeping the fur healthy. This is especially important in long-haired cat breeds. Plus, your cat will love the attention.

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Other cat care basics include flea and worm treatment, which is best done regularly and on the advice of your vet. All pets are susceptible to parasites, but a good treatment regime keeps them healthy. A clean and easily accessible litter tray is essential. A good quality litter such as PrettyLitter can help you with your cat care regime by keeping the litter area hygienic and helping alert you to any potential health issues.

So, now you know the basics of cat care. Take time to play with your pet, don’t over-feed them and keep them groomed and clean. And above all, enjoy the company and fun a pet cat can bring into your life!


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