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The Benefits of Using Natural Cat Litter


If you have a house cat or are considering getting one, it’s important to consider which kind of cat litter you will use in their litter box. We know the type of cat litter you choose can have a big impact on your cat as well as on your entire family and household. With the wide variety of cat litters available, it helps to know your options before selecting the best choice for your cat. Many cat owners prefer to use natural cat litter as opposed to traditional clay kitty litters for many reasons. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of using natural cat litter in your home.

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Many traditional cat litters can have harmful effects on both felines and the entire family. Many cat litters have dust, silica and synthetic chemicals in addition to clay or whatever the base of the litter is. These ingredients make the litter smell better and clump up when your cat uses it, but also, this is what your kitty is dipping his paws into a few times a day! Not only can these harmful chemicals get absorbed into the cat’s skin, but they also trek these materials around the house so that humans come into contact with them too! Natural cat litter is free of these harmful chemicals.

Clumping Natural Cat Litter

Natural Clumping Cat Litter

Just because you are switching over to a natural cat litter doesn’t mean you have to live with one that doesn’t clump! It’s very convenient to choose a litter made from natural ingredients that can still clump up when the cat uses the litter box so that you can easily scoop and clean afterwards. We know that some cat owners worry that natural cat litter won’t clump as well but just look for the clumping options when you’re out shopping around!

Natural Odor Control

You don’t need harsh chemicals and synthetics to control odors in a litter box. We know that keeping the smell of the litter box under control is at the top of any cat owner’s wish list. Plus, many cats will refuse to use their litter box if bad smells build up! Natural cat litter provides natural odor control by using materials that absorb odor and also often provide their own natural scent. Artificially scented litters may smell stronger but this is because of the harsh chemicals used. Also, cats are often very sensitive to strong, artificial scents and can sometimes reject litters that are overwhelming.

Wide Variety of Natural Cat Litter

Cat with Cat Litter

Natural cat litters are made from a wide variety of materials so you will have many options to choose from. Depending on different factors like scents, clumping ability, cost, absorption ability, etc. you can decide which one is right for your cat. There are options available in natural materials like corn kernels, walnut shells, cedar/hardwood and plenty of other kinds. It might be worth trying out one or two different options to find out which one your cat likes best.

We know that keeping your cat healthy and happy and making sure they are raised in a good environment is very important to cat owners like you. Using natural cat litter means you are providing a safe, chemical-free alternative to traditional cat litter that still makes for easy clean up, smells great and comes in a wide variety of options! What is your favorite type of cat litter to use and what do you like about it?


If you’d like to know more about cat litter, read our blog aboutclumping vs non clumping litter to know which suits best for your pet.


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