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The Bombay Cat: Breed History, Fun Facts and Myths

The Bombay cat looks like a panther, walks like a panther, but is not a wild beast. It’s an affectionate and playful furry friend.

Curious to find out more about this breed? Let’s get a glimpse of its history and discover some fun facts about Bombay cats.

Bombay Cat Breed History

You have to love black if you want a Bombay cat because it generally comes in no other color. We say “generally” because a sable-colored kitten may occasionally appear in a Bombay litter. That’s because the Bombay cat is a hybrid breed — a cross between the sable-colored Burmese and the black American Shorthair.

American cat breeder Nikki Horner created this breed in the 1970s. The Cat Fanciers’ Association recognized the Bombay breed in 1976, and the International Cat Association in 1979.

Bombay Cat Appearance

Bombay Kitten

The coat of the Bombay cat is shiny black, dense and short. This means it needs very little grooming. An occasional bath and a rub-down will be enough.

This medium-sized cat has a muscular body with a rounded head, round nose, and gold- or copper-colored eyes.

It is heavier than it looks, often weighing between 6 and 12 pounds. So, get ready if you see that your cat is about to jump on your lap!

Bombay Cat Behavior and Activities

Bombay Cat with Dog

The Bombay has an affectionate personality, which it inherited from the American Shorthair. In addition, it has an inquisitive nature, thanks to its Burmese ancestors.

Bombay cats get along well with kids, as well as with other cats and with dogs, though the Bombay tends to be dominant.

You’ll often find your Bombay cat rubbing around your ankles or cuddled in your lap.

Its playful, curious and intelligent nature means it’s always ready for a game or for chasing birds in your back yard. Also, it can easily learn new tricks.

An adaptable cat, it’s happy indoors, but it needs company.

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Fun Facts About Bombay Cats 

  • Don’t be fooled by the name. This breed originated in America, not in the city of Bombay in India. Horner named the breed “Bombay” because she wanted it to resemble the black leopard of India.
  • A nickname of the Bombay cat is “patent-leather kid with new-penny eyes,” says Louisa Somerville, the author of the book The Ultimate Guide To Cat Breeds.
  • The Bombay is easy to train, and some owners even teach their cats to walk on a leash.
  • Your cat may become a stalker when it needs attention. No wonder some people nicknamed the Bombay “Velcro cat,” writes the author of When Cats Reigned Like Kings.

Dispelling Black Cat Myths

Bombay Cat Sitting

The myth that a black cat is bad omen might have originated in Ancient Greece. It somehow survived until today, along with “never walk under ladders,” “bad luck comes in threes” and other silly superstitions.

The Bombay is a bit supernatural, though, but in a wonderful way. These cats can do magic in your life: Being easygoing, intelligent and affectionate, they’ll win your heart, even if you didn’t think you were a cat lover when your partner brought home a little ball of fur with manga eyes. And, yes, you’ll love your cat even when it’s your turn to change the litter.

Final Thoughts

With a shiny coat and rounded body, the Bombay cat is an all-round beauty. It may look like a panther (or black leopard, to be nit-picky), but the only wild thing in this cat breed is its wild desire to keep you company and play with you.


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