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Three Small Cats and Why We Love Them

We all love cats, and sometimes the best things come in small packages. Small cat breeds are popular for a variety of reasons, but mostly simply because they are sweet, playful and intelligent. Of course, any cat breed can produce kittens that may be smaller than average, but some breeds naturally veer towards the smaller end of the scale. Here are three of our favorite small cats, and the things we love about them.

Small Cats in Development: The Lambkin Dwarf Cat

Lambkin Dwarf Cat

New breeds of cat are always exciting, and few are as cute and compelling as the fluffy Lambkin Dwarf Cat. The Lambkin gets its name from its fleecy coat and its diminutive size. The fur of a Lambkin is uniquely curly, and needs regular but gentle brushing in order to stay in good condition. Over brushing can knock the curls out of the fur, losing the shaggy appearance that makes the Lambkin so appealing.

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The Lambkin appears smaller than other cats because its legs are shorter than other breeds of domestic cat. The Lambkin’s rear legs are ever so slightly longer than its front legs, making it look as if it’s always ready to pounce! Playful and poised, the Lambkin is a breed which is sure to be a big hit across the cat-loving world once it becomes better established.

Well Established Small Cats: The Munchkin

Munchkin Cat

The Munchkin is one of the ancestors of the new Lambkin, and when you look at the Munchkin’s tiny legs you can certainly see the family resemblance! The shorter legs are the result of a natural genetic mutation. All of today’s Munchkins are descended from just one pair of cats, both naturally born with shorter legs in the 1980s.

Some cat fanciers say that it’s wrong to breed cats with shorter legs, as they can have mobility issues or health problems. However, there isn’t actually any evidence to support this concern. In fact, most short-legged cats are just as bouncy and bold as their long-legged cousins. Munchkins don’t currently appear to suffer from any more health problems than standard breeds of cat.

Munchkins have a strong hunting instinct which manifests itself as a love of playing! They will chase a toy mouse or a piece of string, and love a warm lap to cuddle up in once they get tired.

The Smallest Cat: The Singapura

singapura cat

Hailing from the island country of Singapore, the Singapura is the world’s smallest pedigree cat breed. They only weigh up to four kilos, and usually weigh much less! Despite its tiny stature, the Singapura is athletic and muscular, with particularly strong legs. Singapura is the Malay name for Singapore, where the Singapura has a different name. They call the Singapura, ‘Kucinta’, the love cat and it is a national symbol of Singapore.

Singapuras are a beautiful, golden color known as sepia agouti, a type of ‘ticked tabby’, which is where each strand of fur has multiple colors. Combined with huge, round eyes, they look truly exotic. Singapuras crave human interaction, and are extremely curious and playful. One of their most endearing traits is that they love to climb, often getting way up high on top of cupboards so they can keep an eye on everything. Get your active Singapura a cat gym or climbing tree. You won’t regret it!

These small cats have found a space in our hearts and no doubt will be there for many years to come.






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