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Top 5 Tips for Easier Cat Litter Box Training


Whether you've just adopted a new cat, brought home a newborn kitten, or are training an outside cat to live indoors, it is important to each your feline friend use the restroom in the correct spot. Cat litter box training can make cleaning up after your cat a breeze if done properly. These helpful hints will make training your cat to use the litter box easier than ever and help you get over any hurdles or challenges along the way.

Top 5 Tips for Easier Cat Litter Box

1. Talk to your veterinarian.

Abnormal litter box habits can mean trouble for your cat! If your new cat is having too many accidents out of the box, it may be time to visit the vet and see about other issues. Choosing a premium cat litter such as PrettyLitter may also alert you to any other health concerns with your cat's bathroom habits. Unique color-changing technology helps you see any abnormalities in your cat's normal routine. Track signs of infection and kidney problems before every visiting the vet with this revolutionary formula.

2. Keep the box separate from food or water.

Would you want to eat your dinner in the same place where you go to the bathroom? Cats are naturally clean animals and will not want to use the litter box if it is placed where they eat. Make sure that the litter box for your cat is set in an area that is separate from where your cat likes to enjoy his or her meals.

3. Use premium kitty litter.

Choosing the right litter for your cat cannot only make litter box training much easier, but the right litter can also lead to surprising benefits. Your cat will not want to use its litter box if it is not kept clean so choose a litter that is clumping or absorbent to make mess less extreme. Extra odor control technology can keep your house smelling fresh and clean. A clean litter box will make for a happy cat that is less likely to have accidents outside of its box.

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4. Try different boxes.

If your cat is still having accidents outside of the box, even after you have visited the veterinarian or switched to a premium kitty litter, it may be time to look at the litter box you are using. Some cats may prefer covered boxes to uncovered boxes. A covered box might give your cat more privacy and make it feel more comfortable. Hooded litter boxes when paired with a premium kitty litter can provide maximum odor protection.

5. Clean up after accidents quickly.

If your cat is going outside of the box due to spraying, be sure to clean accidents quickly. This will help prevent them from making a habit of marking the same spot. Spraying is a common behavior of cats when they visit new environments because they are trying to mark their territories. With some training, your cat should feel more comfortable in its new home and ready to choose the litter box instead of other areas.

Teaching your cat to properly use the litter box is a key part of feline ownership. By choosing the best kitty litter for your cat and following the tips in this helpful guide, your feline companion should be a litter box pro in no time. Do you have any tips for cat owners when it comes to litter box training? Which of these helpful tips worked the best for you and your cat? We would love to hear you best litter box tips and tricks in the comments below.


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