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3 Ways to Keep Your Indoor Cat Fit & Healthy

Indoor cats with minimal activity can struggle to stay physically healthy. Read our blog to learn about ways to keep your cat healthy and fit.

Does your feline friend prefer hanging out indoors instead of outdoors? Or do you prefer it if they stay inside instead of venturing out into the wild? Whatever the case may be for why your indoor cat is an indoor cat, there’s one thing for certain: you want to keep them happy and healthy! Nowadays, life for many of us is fast-paced, so we may not have the time to brainstorm ways to keep our cats fit and healthy. Here are a few easy ways to create and maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle for your cat.

#1 Home sweet home!

As you’re probably well aware, cats are very independent and territorial. This is even more true in multi-cat households and homes with other pets or small children. Cats need to have their own private space to decompress, relax, play, and just feel safe. Competing with other cats or animals in the household can result in bad behavioral issues such as spraying urine and pooping outside of their litter boxes.

Speaking from personal experience, they may also scratch things they shouldn’t, like the side of your blue suede couch or the nice antique bookshelf in the corner of your bedroom. A place for them to feel “at home,” such as a cat tree with a nice scratching post or an area of your home that they feel is their own, is important to their development and overall well-being.

They need a quiet and calm place to use the litter box. A litter box location where they feel relaxed and safe to let their guard down is essential for a cat’s overall health. A not-so-ideal place for their litter box can result in them urinating and defecating in even less than ideal out-of-the-box alternatives.

A messy or dirty environment can lead to serious health issues down the line. Multicat households should always have an additional litter box than the number of cats in the home. That way, each cat has a place to go without feeling threatened. As mentioned, cats are very territorial, especially when it comes to using their litter box.

Not only should their litter box area be calm and quiet, but so should where they go to sleep. Sure, there’s a good percentage of cat parents who wake up in the morning with their lovable furballs curled up at their feet, but many of our furry friends enjoy having a place of their own where they can catch some z’s. Naptime is one of the cat community’s favorite pastimes.

Curling up in a soft blanket, cat bed, pile of pillows, or even a box can be naptime heaven for a cat. My former roommate has this adorable Russian Blue named Bear, and we used to hang out in her room all the time as she crocheted blankets and such. In those moments, Bear would curl up and nap on top of the balls of yarn sitting on her bed.

Cats are funny about texture!Dahlia, my stunning tuxedo furball, recently got acquainted with a woven basket that was supposed to house fruit but instead became her favorite place to nap. Your feline friend will surely enjoy anything you, as a cat owner, provide as long as it’s comfortable for them, quiet, peaceful, and calm.

#2 What’s on the menu?

Now that we’ve touched on fostering a calm environment for a healthy lifestyle, another key  element in keeping your indoor cat fit and healthy is providing a well-balanced diet. Just like their preferences in where to nap or use their litter box, cats prefer a calm and out-of-the-way place to eat their food and drink water. However, this shouldn’t be anywhere near their litter box. No one wants to eat near where they go number two.

After figuring outwherethey’re going to eat, it’s time to talk aboutwhat they’re going to eat. Did you know that cats out in the wild eat somewhere around 20 small meals a day? Since indoor cats aren’t able to run around and hunt for prey. The food you provide them should be a variety offoods high in moisture and protein.PrettyPlease cat food is a great option for that.

This premium cat food provides your furry friend with the essential vitamins and nutrients to stay energetic, strong, and healthy. Make sure you, as a cat owner, also provide them with plenty of fresh water to wash it all down. Cats love drinking from moving water, so a fun fish tank bubbler in their water bowl could be a nice touch!

#3 There’s always time for some playtime!

We’ve discussed the importance of quiet time, me time, nap time, lunch time, dinner time, and  potty time. It’s time we talk about playtime.

Because of the sedentary nature of an indoor cat, daily playtime is an essential building block in any cat’s life. Stimulation from cat toys like laser pointers or battery-powered mice are great substitutes for indoor cats who miss out on hunting in the outdoors. For example, Dahlia loves it when I pull up this fuzzy wand toy I got her and wave it around. She goes nuts!

Also, giving your healthy cat yummy treats or catnip during playtime can reinforce your special bond and reward them forplaytime well spent. A daily routine of stimulation and playtime provides a positive output of energy cats so desperately need to get out at any moment. We’ve all seen them get zoomies. Indoor cats with plenty of playtimes, entertainment, and stimulation lead happy and healthy lives.

Giving your indoor cat their own space like a DIY cat house, paired with a daily routine of playtime and bonding, and a well-balanced cat diet found inPrettyPlease cat food, with plenty of water sprinkled in, are just a few essentials in keeping them fit and healthy!

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