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What to Look For to Find the Best Litter for Your Cat

 From tracking their grainy sand through your hallway to clearing out a whole room due to smelly litter, cat parents often find themselves struggling to manage their kitty’s box while still keeping a healthy and welcoming home.

It Kitty Litter Making You Bitter?

Perhaps one of the most irritating parts of owning a cat is having to run to the store every time you’re short on litter. To make it worth your while, you generally have to purchase bags weighing 20 pounds or more, and even then it’s a pain to tote it from the store, to your car, and into your home.

Storing the litter and trying to avoid leaks and rips in the bag make even more of a mess, as if you're kitty doesn't kick enough onto the floor as it is. Not only is that wasteful, but it's also uncomfortable to step on and definitely not fun to look at. Your shoes and your cat's paws will undoubtedly track it all over the room, which means you have to sweep it up frequently.

Let’s not even talk about the smell that wafts out the door and is the first thing to greet your guests’ noses every time they come over for a visit. These are the things that can make even the biggest cat lover question, “Why aren’t they potty trained again?”

Skip The Hassle With PrettyLitter


After recognizing all the problems cat owners are facing, PrettyLitter decided to step up to the plate.

For years, you have done things the old way, lugging bags of litter into your home, scooping and sweeping every day, and constantly battling the smell of your cat litter box with sprays and fresheners trying to mask the terrible scent.

When you subscribe to PrettyLitter, you can finally say goodbye to these problems.

#1 No More Lugging

PrettyLitter is a subscription service that brings perfectly sized bags of litter directly to your door. You don’t even have to worry about storing an oversized bag either, because just a 4-pound bag of Pretty Litter will last your cat an entire month!

#2 No More Mess

Tired of scooping and spilling all over the floor? With PrettyLitter, you simply pour the 4-pound bag into your cat’s box and it will last for a full 30 days.

Unlike traditional litters that require daily disposal, PrettyLitter’s innovative formula eliminates the need for constant scooping. Instead of relying on frequent litter replacements, bigger litter bags and more trips to the store, PrettyLitter allows you to simply dispose of the feces. When it’s time to change, a new bag will arrive at your door. All you have to do is dump and refill, making your cat’s litter maintenance hassle-free.

Try PrettyLitter today!

#3 No More Odor

PrettyLitter is different than other litters because it absorbs and eliminates moisture, allowing one fill to last the whole month without the smell.

Our special litter is made using a super absorbent, lightweight silica gel. The crystals are extremely absorbent and that means you need to do less of the same compared to other litter substrates.

#4 Keep Tabs on Your Tabby’s Health

PrettyLitter even helps you stay on top of your cat’s health because it changes color based on what is absorbed.

Blue or green means high alkaline was detected in your cat’s urine, orange means high acidity was detected, and deep maroon means blood is present. That means a quick glance at your cat’s box can help you check-in on their health.

That’s right, it’s pretty much the world’s best kitty litter!

See The PrettyLitter Difference

Give PrettyLitter a try for yourself. It’ll save you time and it’ll help you cut down on wasteful scooping and messy odors so that you can devote more of your day to scratches and playtime.

What’s your biggest problem with traditional kitty litter? Let us know in the comments below.


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