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Your Guide to Tonkinese Cats

Having a cat makes a house into a home. A lot of cats are a mix of different breeds, but you can get a better sense of your cat’s personality when you get a purebred cat. If you’re looking for a friendly cat that will likely get along well with other cats and little kids, the Tonkinese breed is a winner.

But you want to take the best possible care of your cat to ensure it will have a long, healthy life. If you don’t choose the right cat care options, your cat could get sick, which could cost a fortune in vet bills. Your guide to Tonkinese cats will tell you about this friendly, sociable breed and the best ways to keep them healthy.

Learning the Details in Your Guide to Tonkinese Cats

Who says you need to get a puppy if you want a pet who loves to play? Tonkinese cats are fun, playful, and always up for a game of chase or even hide-and-seek. Your Tonkinese cat will greet you at the door, make your guests laugh, and will be very “chatty” with you. Some cats will ignore the toys and scratching posts you bring home, but not a Tonkinese. These cats will bring an additional dose of fun and amusement to your household!

Tonkinese cats are surprisingly strong and muscular and they come in a variety of colors. Whether your Tonkinese is blue, champagne, platinum or natural in color, you can count on it being beautiful. In fact, the appearance of the Tonkinese looks so regal and elegant that their playful temperament can come as a surprise.

Caring for Your Tonkinese Cat

Tonk Cat

Cats are generally pretty low-maintenance as far as pets go. Tonkinese cats are even easier to care for than the average cat, since they have short hair and don’t require frequent brushing. But low-maintenance doesn’t mean no maintenance. In some ways, Tonkinese cats need more supervision. Because they think everyone is their friend, these cats don’t have a lot of defensive skills. This lack of “street smarts” means that they should be strictly indoor-only cats. 

You might even want to install safety equipment around your house, the same way as you would if you were trying to child-proof for a baby. Tonkinese cats are not only very friendly and playful, they’re also very smart. Install latches on cupboards and drawers because your cat might find a way inside.

Communicating with Your Talkative Cat

Life with a Tonkinese cat will never be boring. These cats are talkative and they crave lots of attention. Your cat will likely wait for you to return when you leave home. They will vocalize a lot, trying to engage you in conversation. Your Tonkinese cat will love to play with toys, sit with you during dinner, and frolic with children and other pets. Carry on conversations with your cat, telling him about your day. He’ll actually “talk” back to you!

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Even though other your Tonkinese wants to be friends with everybody, some other cats may not appreciate his high energy level. Consider the temperaments of other cats in your household and make sure the Tonkinese’s playfulness will be a welcome fit.

Wrap-Up of Your Guide to Tonkinese Cats

Expect to be on a waiting list to get a Tonkinese cat. Few such cats are available, so demand far exceeds the supply. You want to take the best possible care of your special cat after you have invested so much in adopting it. Keep up with vaccinations and regular veterinarian visits. Specialized cat litter like PrettyLitter can help you monitor your cat’s health and detect problems before they go too far. You want to be sure that such a special cat can be a healthy, happy member of your family.


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